Words by Rafael Romis

1. What is your first name? *: Brisa
2. What is your email address? *: sherr.pink@gmail.com
3. The name of your business? *: tsc
4. What does tsc sell? *: educatin
5. What is the address of your website? *: gdd
6. Product Info *: (B. No.)
8. What was the revenue for tsc in the last 12 months? *: (C. 1mil-5mil)
9. How different is your revenue compared to the year before? *: money
10. What do you attribute that change to? *: studies
11. Who are your 3 main competitors? *: utrgv
12. What can you tell us about your audience? *: (C. Nothing)
13. What is the 1 biggest pain point of your customer that your business solves? *: g
14. What objections would a potential customer have before he/she decides to use your service or buy your products? *: f
15. What is the 1 biggest reason why they ultimately decide to buy? *: d
16. When was the last time you created or redesigned your website? *: d
17. What was the experience like? *: d
18. Anything else you’d like to add? *: g