Words by Rafael Romis

1. What is your first name? *: TIRZAH
2. What is your email address? *: tirzah@theblinkbar.com
3. The name of your business? *: Blinkbar
4. What does Blinkbar sell? *: Lash extensions/ brows
5. What is the address of your website? *: theblinkbar.com
6. Product Info *: (A. Yes.) We are the luxury choice and influencer favorite ( never paid/ always organic
7. Is that unique aspect the very first thing I’ll see when I visit your website? *: Yep
8. What was the revenue for Blinkbar in the last 12 months? *: (C. 1mil-5mil)
9. How different is your revenue compared to the year before? *: We have traditionally grown 45% YOY. Then Covid. We were projected to go over 6M 2020. We have still upon reopening had a run rate that exceeds 1M
10. What do you attribute that change to? *: WOM
11. Who are your 3 main competitors? *: Amazing Lash, Lash lounge and Magnetic lash brands.
12. What can you tell us about your audience? *: (A. Everything) 25-34
$70K+ average household income Core BlinkBar customer group
$50K average household income Biggest Instagram follower group
$75K+ average household income
She is busy and loves finding ways to make her morning routine easier. She loves staying on top of trends. She has some disposable income which she tries to spend on self-care whenever she can.
She is social and loves sharing her experiences on Instagram. She connects with her friends and followers via posts and stories multiple times a day.
She looks for brands who really get her and who she can relate to. She gets her hair done at DryBar, shops at Nordstrom, Revolve, Glossier, and Topshop, and works out at SoulCycle and Orange Theory.
13. What is the 1 biggest pain point of your customer that your business solves? *: Less time to always photo ready. You cant get this kind of drama from mascara.
14. What objections would a potential customer have before he/she decides to use your service or buy your products? *: Worried damage to lashes, won’t last.
15. What is the 1 biggest reason why they ultimately decide to buy? *: Our prices and brand combined.
16. When was the last time you created or redesigned your website? *: 2019
17. What was the experience like? *: Successful
18. Anything else you’d like to add? *: We are not looking for a new site, we need ongoing social content, and some fresh new imagery.